In addition to San Cristóbal, there are tiny Mayan villages tucked into the surrounding mountains that can be visited on a half-day excursion from the city. On market days, these communities are given a potent lease of life and are a great place to search for gifts and souvenirs.

With their color and cuisine, traditional markets are an essential feature of indigenous culture in Mexico and there are hundreds across the state of Chiapas. The Mercado Municipal in San Cristóbal offers a vibrant example of this exciting market culture. With its colorful fruit stands, mountains of chili peppers and pungent meats, this is a place for those who are serious about cooking.

With its vibrant indigenous traditions, Chiapas has long had a reputation as a center for spirituality and mysticism. Mayan steam baths are a great way to experience this living tradition. Known as a temazcal, or “house of sweat,” the ritual is performed by a shaman in an igloo-shaped structure. The dome is filled with hot steam produced by throwing water onto scorching volcanic rocks. The ceremony is typically accompanied by chanting and is said to cure both physical and spiritual malodies.

Chiapas is top of the list for biodiversity in Mexico, with more than 700 species of birds and 200 species of reptiles. Turtles, pelicans, ocelots, crocodiles, wild boar, salamanders and bats are among the many animals found in the state. In recent years, ecotourism in the region has grown exponentially. The Triunfo Biosphere Reserve is a favorite destination for travelers and contains threatened mammals such as spider monkeys, jaguars and pumas.

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Chiapas is the perfect destination for travelers looking beyond the tourist trap beach resorts that line Mexico’s coasts. With its stunning natural beauty, long-preserved indigenous heritage and picturesque colonial towns, Chiapas truly is a must-visit state. Here are 12 reasons why you should visit before the secret is out.

Has one of the largest indigenous populations of any state in Mexico and is a refuge for indigenous culture and tradition. Once a Mayan hub, the modern day descendants of this great civilization have retained a distinct identity and culture. Today, the state contains an estimated 56 linguistic groups and is a focal point for indigenous festivities and vibrant pre-colonial cuisine. Geographically isolated from the rest of the country, the region has even staged uprisings against the distant authorities in the capital. The most recent rebellion was in 1994, when the Zapatista army took up arms to draw attention to the plight of Mexico’s impoverished indigenous peoples.

Along with its rich indigenous heritage, Chiapas also contains some of the country’s most stunning and unique colonial architecture. The gorgeous city of San Cristóbal de las Casas is the best place to admire it, and the 16th century cathedral in the central square is the jewel in its crown. With its impressive façade and eclectic jumble of architectural styles, the cathedral is an iconic symbol of the state of Chiapas itself.

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